Slow Drifter




The Slow Drift defines my life. It’s a state of mind, the flow of my soul, a place my heart goes to feel and think and well, drift. It’s a pretty sweet place if you ask me. I like it here. I’m comfortable here. This is how I approach my photography. I want to quietly enter your soul and capture that moment, simple and selective. It’s that fraction of time you can never get back. Your memory will slowly alter that mental image as the years pass. One frame and I capture a piece of your soul forever.

So here I drift. On to the next thought, the next idea, the next inspiration…not knowing when or where or what. And that’s my life. A Slow Drift.

The Photographer

TSD is a man of few words. And while it would be clever to say his thoughts and feelings can be best expressed through a monologue from a made-for-TV-movie, this is not the case. Rather, his thoughts can be best expressed through the photographs he takes. In them, you see the simple complexities, both of the animate and inanimate, as well as the connections made between he and his subjects as he travels the globe seeking the sought after and surprisingly unknown.

He approaches his craft the same way he approaches conversation, where less is always more. Good natural light coupled with a minimalistic backdrop are all that is required to create eye, and heart, capturing images.

After a stint in fashion photography, assisting legend Irving Penn, he found himself drawn more and more to those stories and ultimately the soul and energy of those individuals contributing to something bigger than themselves…typically found in the most unlikely of places. Inspired by the work of Chris Rainer, a photojournalist dedicated to documenting the disappearing tribes and cultures of this world, TSD similarly seeks out the overlooked and under recognized, in the hope of bringing awareness to the causes behind their quiet dedication.

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