Here are 10 of my favorite items I like to travel with:
1. Good headphones. I used to travel with big noise canceling headphones but soon realized I like the little guys better. They’re smaller and blocks out the sound just as well as the big guys in my opinion. I prefer the Skull Candy Fix-In. They have great sound and I can use them to talk on the phone if I need to.

2. The Pelican 1510. This little gem is a great hard case you can bring on the plane with you. Fits enough gear and my laptop to keep me on the road for months. And it you can sit on it during long custom lines. I take this everywhere.

3. Something to write in (not really a gadget). It doesn’t matter what it is but I like a small one I can draw, or doodle, or write ideas, or just to write down some thoughts. This happens a lot on an airplane. I always seem to do a lot of reflecting on how much time I’ve wasted in my life… and I always resolve to stop doing that. Sometimes it even works.

4. Ipod Nano. I bought a watch band for it and it’s perfect for listening to my music on the plane, bus, train, taxi, subway, walking, rickshaw, or wherever. See… it’s perfect for anywhere.

5. Leatherman. They make a lot of different ones. Pick the right one for you. I tend to lean toward the smaller ones. I’ve carried a Leatherman with me for the last 15 years or so. It’s come in handy more times than I can count. And DON’T try and carry one on an airplane. They’ll confiscate it and then you’ll be sad. I know this for a fact.

6. Leica D-Lux. I carry a lot of bigger equipment but this little guy is perfect for quick snap shots. Razor sharp and easy to use, this point and shoot really isn’t a typical point and shoot. It’s way better.

7. Travel adapter by Conair. It’s compact and easy to use and you don’t have to carry around 10 different adapters that you’ll eventually lose. Enough said.

8. Hoven shades. I’ve owned several different pair of Hovens. The Ritz are my favorites. Well made and they look great.

9. Kata Sling Backpack. This is a great camera gear backpack. You can make it into a sling bag or regular backpack. Really well designed. Definitely check this one out.

10. Hero 2 HD. This is the smallest and best HD around. And the cost is best bang for the buck. It has a waterproof case that’s good for dust as well. It’s a bad to the bone little video camera (which also has the ability to shoot stills if you need it to).