the MORE Project Photo Book

After 3 years or so working in this book, it’s finally complete. A big thank you to The MORE Project for believing in my images to tell their story and HINT Creative for the rad design and pro bono work they put into this to make it happen. We couldn’t have done it without them. If you’d like to purchase the book please visit the MORE store. All proceeds go to benefit the kids in Brazil. Buy it. It’s worth it.

Drifting… Ciudad de Juarez, Mexico

I visited a great little humanitarian project  in the outskirts of Juarez, Mexico (which may vary well be the most dangerous city in the world). The project is called Sembradores de Paz. It was started just over a year ago by Maria Carreon… and started after her best friends son was killed on a boy scout outing by drug traffickers.

One thing I noticed was how these people, living with next to nothing, still take great pride in their homes. Everything was clean and organized. They do what they can with what little they have and that impressed me a great deal.

Drifting… Vila Ipiranga

These images tell a story of change since I first traveled to the favelas of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 2008. The MORE Project changes lives. I’ve been lucky enough to document this first hand.

I’ve been extremely fortunate to travel the world creating images of some of the most amazing places on earth. I’ve swam with sharks in Bora Bora, walked the ghats in Inda, and navigated the medinas in Morocco. However, I love returning to Vila Iparanga and seeing the progress and growth The MORE Project’s making. The change is inspirational.

Some places I’ll never get back to but the trip to Rio is worth it every time

Drifting….Rio de Janeiro










The view from City Park in Niteroi, Brasil is one of the best around. I’ve been there several times and it never disappoints.  The view always has its own subtle vibe and a way of making you think about life…both the good and the bad…either way, life needs to be thought about.

Driftiing… The Pugilists

These images I shot several years ago but still continue to use them in my portfolio. I think it’s because of the raw emotion each boxer emits. They’re simple yet poignant. The rich black and whites give them that soulful feel I try to emulate in all my images.  Most in this gym train for the love but some train with a hopeful optimism they will one day make it big. I hope they all do. These are the fighters of Brooklyn, New York.

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Drifting… NYC


New York City. This place has such a great creative energy. I used to live there and go back from time to time to feel its energy. These two images I shot on the same day. One is from the morning and the other is in the afternoon (with different musicians playing obviously). I’m not sure which image I prefer.. maybe the one with the business man framed in the arch. He stopped for a second to listen, then moved on.

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Drifting… India

India is one of the favorite places I’ve been. It’s such an interesting culture to me. Each morning in Varanassi, I’d wake early to walk the ghats of the Ganges River and quietly observe life. The river is considered one of the three holy rivers in India. The Hindu Sikh (above) is still one of my favorite images I’ve taken. He had his whole life with him. A simple man. No need for worldly goods. I should’ve learned a thing or two from him.