Drifting… Icarai

The beach at Icarai is the perfect place to sit and enjoy the view of Rio de Janeiro while the sun sinks out of sight – you can see the Cristos, Sugar Loaf, and Rio’s skyline perfectly.

I met some dudes skim boarding while I was taking it all in – Thiago and Mateus. Mateus, a local Icarai kid with some decent English skills, struck up a conversation with me about my camera. His buddy, Thiago, was doing most of the skim boarding. Thiago would be there listening with his eyes focused on the waves. Suddenly, he would bolt toward the beach, throw down his board, jump on like a magic carpet, and hit his wave he timed so perfectly. He was good. It showed.

The eyebrows on this guy are serious works of art. He was trying to tell me something in Portuguese and Mateus tried to interpret- no such luck. It will remain a mystery forever.

Thiago hitting another wave.

Mateus takes a shot at the title.

Surfing under the watchful eye of the Cristos. Earlier in the day I spotted this guy surfing with Rio in the background. I thought it was kinda cool so it made the post.